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Checking MySQL Events with Nagios

You should never ever use MySQL Events. Well that might be an exaggeration. There are probably some good uses for MySQL Events. But if you’re using them chances are a developer has decided to use them to do something that should have been included somewhere else in the platform. The biggest problem with MySQL Events… Read More »

How to Reboot in Tough Scenarios

In my last job I ran into a scenario where a hard drive failed while a system was still running. When I attempted to reboot with and /sbin/reboot it failed with a rather cryptic message. Honestly I had never ran into this issue before. So I turned to google and found this excellent Linux Journal… Read More »

PSA: CVE-2016-0718 Libexpat Bug Out

PSA: CVE-2016-0718 Libexpat Bug Out The Expat XML Parser is a ubiquitous parser written in C that is included in a number of projects. If you have a C program that uses an XML parser it’s plausible that it could be included in your project. Links to patches to major distributions are below. Please patch… Read More »

A Few Good Admins

So a couple of people on my team have been quoting a section of A Few Good Men recently. Additionally during a Pen test our pen tester was able to take out a number of our IP Phones. In response the following adaptaion of the the iconic response was created. I thought I’d share. Son,… Read More »

VirtualBox Guest Additions on FreeBSD 10 (Repost)

FreeBSD 10 Setup Virtualbox Guest Additions : Reprint Note for Visitors I’ve had to recover my website and this was one of my most popular posts. However between when I originally published this and now the FreeBSD handbook has come out with a page explicitly describing how to accomplish this task (Linked here for your… Read More »

HP-UX Sendmail Issues

Another HP-UX tip here. If you find yourself with a filling up /var you may want to check the mail directory on HP-UX. That’s the diagnosis for this fix. Sendmail on HP-UX isn’t the most stable thing running out there. It definitely wouldn’t be described as “Rock Solid.” So occasionally it will crash. But just… Read More »