To Forbes

By | February 23, 2016


This is rediculous. I don't use an adblocker. I will view your ads however at this moment you load 45 different javascript libraries that make your site as slow as dog shit. I will not disable my javascript library blocker for your "ad-light" experience that is rediculously slow. How slow? I have a fiber connection and your site takes 36 seconds to load 12 of which were your javascript libraries.

Forbes come one. If you want to do ads and you ask me to remove my tracker blocker (not even my ad blocker as that's allowed). Then you need to deliver. Other sites manage to serve me ads without adding 12 seconds to my browsing experience. You need to up your game. Look I have ad (well ad) on this site. I also load the Gravatar and Google Analytics JavaScript libraries. And I'd love it if people allowed those things. But I'm not going to shut my doors on those who don't.

In summary, if you want people to disable ad blocker on your site then by all means have a site that isn't dogshit when ad blocker is disabled.




The time it takes for Forbes to load.


All the crap Forbes tries to load on their ad-light version.

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