BadLock Patches Links

By | April 12, 2016

BadLock Patches Links

Hey there. I've been tracking packages for Badlock. All systems I'm tracking have now recieved patches. I'm not longer updating this page. Have a good one.

Main Informational Links:

Organization Notification Patches Available
Canonical (Ubunutu) USN-2950-1 Yes
Red Hat RH Notice Yes
Microsoft MS16-047 Yes
Samba Samba Security Releases Yes
Debian Vuln Page Yes
Novell (Suse) Bug Page Yes
FreeBSD Ports samba4.3, samba4.2, samba3.6 Yes
Synology Security Advisory Yes
OpenBSD (Pkgsrc) samba4, samba3 Yes*

Feel free to message me with updates. I'll try to keep this going until at least all of the above are patched. If you have a question about a Vendor I'll do my best to find it.

*Samba3 has been discontinued in OpenBSD.

Last Update: 1461347041


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