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By | August 25, 2013

To you out there using Cerner's Electronic Medical Record software known as Millennium I come with a bit of a pro-tip. On the back-end of multi-node systems you will need to envset to access different domains listed on the same node.

When talking with one of my clients I passed this bit of knowledge to them. They were apparently unaware. So here's to hoping that all back end nodes users will find this well. So here's where envset is necessary. Say you have a node named mehospitalapp1. mehosptialapp1 hosts two domains metrain & mecert. When your account is setup you will by default be logged into one of these domains (probably mecert). So if you need to change to work on metrain using CCL, SCPView, Authview, etc.... You will need two things.

  • You will need to be setup with rights to both domains. Generally this involves adding a secondary group to your account. So something like:
    $ usermod -G <domain> <username>
  •  After ensuring that you have access to both domains you will need to change from one domain to another you can do this with one of two commands:
$ envset <domain>


$ newgrp <domain>

After this you should be ready to utilize the new tools available. So in our example say your default login was mecert and you were trying to use metrain on a particular box. Just:

me@mehospitalapp1 /home/me/ $ envset metrain
env "metrain" set
me@mehospitalapp1 /home/me/ $ ccl

That's it. also if your wondering what domain your in as a a particular time. Do a envset with no arguments. It will echo which domain your logged into.


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