A Few Good Admins

So a couple of people on my team have been quoting a section of A Few Good Men recently. Additionally during a Pen test our pen tester was able to take out a number of our IP Phones. In response the following adaptaion of the the iconic response was created. I thought I’d share. Son,… Read More »

VirtualBox Guest Additions on FreeBSD 10 (Repost)

FreeBSD 10 Setup Virtualbox Guest Additions : Reprint Note for Visitors I’ve had to recover my website and this was one of my most popular posts. However between when I originally published this and now the FreeBSD handbook has come out with a page explicitly describing how to accomplish this task (Linked here for your… Read More »

How to Refresh a Non-Prod MySQL Database

How to Refresh a Non-Prod MySQL Database Hey guys just a quick tip I wanted to toss up there about refreshing Prod to Non-Prod Databases. Assuming that you’ve setup a system for pulling your Personal Information out of your production database (ideally through some sort of data masking script or via an update/insert trigger) you… Read More »

HP-UX Sendmail Issues

Another HP-UX tip here. If you find yourself with a filling up /var you may want to check the mail directory on HP-UX. That’s the diagnosis for this fix. Sendmail on HP-UX isn’t the most stable thing running out there. It definitely wouldn’t be described as “Rock Solid.” So occasionally it will crash. But just… Read More »