btcaddrtocsv Version 0.1 Released

Hello everyone I’d like to announce the v0.1 release of btcaddrtocsv. A CLI tool that I use to convert public bitcoin addresses to csv files for import into a multitude of tools. I’d also like to announce that in addition to the basic python script that can pull one address I’ve also (in head) created […]

CentoOS 6.5 with GAuth

CentoOS 6.5 with GAuth So recently I’ve had a chance to setup a CentOS server. One of the things the owners of this server wanted was Google Authenticator. Took me a bit to figure out and took several other blog posts piecing together bits and pieces. Do keep in mind Google Authenticator on EPEL is […]

Nitrious.IO Review

Nitrous.IO Online IDE Review I’ve been using Nitrous.IO for python3 coding (more like just general scripting) for the last couple of months now. Figured I’d let you guys know how it’s going. But first in the interest of full disclosure I’d like to say that yes the link above is a referral link. Yes if […]

FreeBSD 10 Install VirtualBox Guest Additions

FreeBSD 10 Setup Virtualbox Guest Additions Introduction For this guid I’m going to install VirtualBox Guest additions for a VBOX guest running FreeBSD 10. I’ve already installed sudo on this box. Handbook section for reference. Install Guest Additions Packages Install the Guest Additions using pkgng. It will install a number of dependencies including most of Xorg, DBUS […]

FreeBSD 10 Setup Sudo

Installing Sudo on New Machine Introduction I have been playing around with FreeBSD. And every time I do there are things that I feel I need immediately. So I’m making a set of guides with FreeBSD 10 BETA-4(1) for “things you gotta do” with a brand spanking new FreeBSD installation. Installing PKGNG Check out the Manual […]

New Domain Blacklists

So some of you may know that this blog is fairly new. Although I’ve been contemplating doing one for a while I didn’t register the domain name for this blog until a couple of weeks ago. The blog appeared to be working well especially from my home pc. But when I got into work I […]

Slow HP-UX Logins

A while ago we were experiencing an odd issue on one of our HP-UX nodes. Users who logged in via ssh were having extremely slow login times. We run a two node cluster and only one was affected so we weren’t quite sure what to look for. Oddly users who logged in via telnet did […]